Although all travellers enjoy recording their adventures with photographs, senior travellers tend to be less in a rush and have more time to spare to take memorable shots.

Photography - Night view of Funchal Bay - Canon G15

Night view of Funchal Bay, Madeira


Our Photo Editor, John Esser, has been a passionate photographer for 35 years and has been widely published in books, magazines and on TV.

He is now providing a series of articles on this site targeted at senior travellers, to help them get those extra special photos.

1.  Photographs from the Big Trip: What Gear to Take?
2.  Photographs in Languedoc
3.  Photographs from Tuscany
4.  Photographing the Locals – Smiles from Around the World
5.  Road Trip USA – The Big Picture: Panoramic Photos
6.  Road Trip USA – Shooting the Sights
7.  Shooting the Grandchildren – Top Tips for Great Holiday Photos
8.  Mallorca – A Picture Perfect Holiday Destination
9.  Cameras and Photography for Senior Travellers

Photo Competitions

Photography - Photo Editor, John Esser

Photo Editor, John Esser

From time to time we will be running free-to-enter prize Photo Competitions, so have your best shots ready to submit. Our inaugural Heritage Photo Competition finished on October 1st 2014 and the results have been published. The next competition will be announced soon.

Heritage Photo Competition – Winner and Runners-up

Advice on All Things Photographic

Our Photo Editor will also be giving advice on many aspects of photography, including where to buy your photographic equipment, where to get your pictures printed, how to store them online and how to get them published.

For all your photographic equipment and to check out special offers see: Jessops.

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