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This site is dedicated to the growing numbers of seniors, 55 years and older, who enjoy travelling both near and far; it’s about staying active and enjoying what the world has to offer. The site is mainly covers independent travelling, with all the fun that comes from planning and carrying out a new and exciting journey.

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STE Editors researching a holiday destination

However, we appreciate that sometimes an organised tour can make sense for personal reasons as one gets older or maybe when visiting countries like China or India, where hiring a car and driving around may pose difficulties; so we will also report on some of these holidays.

We also recognise the growing popularity of cruise vacations for senior travellers and will provide cruise reports and advice on how to get the best deals.

Our travel tips are aimed at giving you great travel experiences at the best prices possible.

The site was set up in 2012 as a 65th Birthday Present for the Web Editor, Steve Hanson, by his son who runs his own Travel Expert website. His wife Barbara joined the Editorial Team as Photo Editor, followed by Tony Taylor as Holiday Editor and Norman Atkinson as Hotel Editor.

Web Editor – Steve Hanson

Steve Hanson
Steve Hanson

As I have always thought (or at least recently, anyway) travel life begins at 65! However I’ve always enjoyed travelling, whether whilst working in Africa and SE Asia or on holidays.

The world is a book, and those who do not travel read only a page.” (Saint Augustine)

So far I’ve visited 83 countries throughout the world. As I visit more, I’ll report on them.

I have a home near Lake Balaton in Hungary and so travel extensively in Eastern Europe, interspersed with short breaks and longer tours in other parts of Europe and throughout the world. I also enjoy round the world trips and have completed three in the last ten years.

I can be contacted at: seniortravelexpert@gmail.com

Photo Editor – Barbara Hanson

Barbara Hanson
Barbara Hanson

‘A picture is worth a thousand words’. That is my approach when I take photographs to accompany articles on Senior Travel Expert.

Whether it is, for example, visiting a holiday destination or exploring a stately home, I try to capture in my photographs aspects that are not so easily put in words but give a feel of the place.

I’m particularly keen on gardens and whether I am taking wide shots of borders or close-ups of single flowers, I like to catch the colours and variety that plants present.

Holiday Editor – Tony Taylor

Tony Taylor
Tony Taylor

I have always enjoyed travelling and have visited 48 countries to date. I was fortunate in that I worked in 12 countries. These enabled me to meet counterparts, get to know the culture and often see areas that are not on the tourist trail. On a number of occasions I stayed on for a holiday and was joined by my wife. I got to know some countries and areas very well , e.g. SE Asia, which included 24 working trips to Indonesia.

Since I retired from full-time employment 15 years ago, we have explored the UK more than we ever did, but this is in addition to holidays where we seek warmer climes, and enjoy touring.

I have reported on a number of holidays, and include advice and tips to try to assist fellow seniors to plan and enhance their holidays.

Hotel Editor – Norman Atkinson

Norman Atkinson
Norman Atkinson

I very much enjoying staying at hotels around the UK and overseas, particularly IHG hotels taking advantage of their IHG One Rewards scheme and the Club Lounges in Crowne Plaza hotels.

I will provide reviews of hotels that will take into account all aspects of stays from Reception through to departure and will make special note of the friendliness of the hotel staff – a key factor in enjoying hotel stays.

Site Content

As a Senior Traveller there are many advantages. For example, if retired you are not tied to weekends and fixed holiday periods, so you can choose the least expensive times to travel. We tell you when.

Probably of greatest value are the various discounts that are only open to Seniors. Many hotel chains offer 10-30% or more off their normal rates, heritage sites often have reduced rates and in one country in Europe you can travel on the railway networks completely free of charge! We tell you about these discounts, particularly the ones that are not so easily unearthed.

We also provide advice on travel money, travel insurance and how to travel safely and cost effectively by land, sea and air. Occasionally we will review books which we think will appeal to Senior Traveller.

Of most importance, this site will be giving you interesting travel stories and ideas for short breaks (in the UK and overseas), longer touring holidays and round the world travel. 

Most of the articles describe the travel adventures and visits to heritage sites by Web Editor, Steve Hanson, with photographs by the Photo Editor, Barbara Hanson. Articles by the Holiday Editor, Tony Taylor, and Hotel Editor, Norman Atkinson, are accredited to them.

Occasionally guest articles will be published, for example, from entries to our writing competitions; similarly some guest photos will be published including from entries in our photo competitions. Guest articles and photographs will be clearly accredited.

Site Policy

Please note that some of the links on this site may be sponsored in order to offset running costs, but this will not in any way affect what is written on this site. We will praise where I think it is deserved and criticise where it is due, in the hope that this will improve the services offered for senior travellers.