City, Town or Village Writing Competition – Winners and Runners-up

The City, Town or Village Writing Competition closed on April 30th, 2015. Almost 200 entries were received, most of which were of publishable standard.

Our new Off the Beaten Track writing competition is open for entries.

City, Town or Village CompetitionThe competition Terms and Conditions indicated that:  The winning entry will be the one that is judged to most effectively persuade readers of the Senior Travel Expert website that this is somewhere they really want to visit!

Most of the entries were factual, some were partly or wholly fictional (including one of the Joint Winners). A few entries were poems (including one of the Runners-up).

The high standard of entries meant that  judging was very difficult. In the end the judging panel chose two entries, very different in style and content, as Joint Winners, with each entrant receiving half of the £100 competition prize. The ten Runners-up each receive a £10 subscription voucher. These entries will be published on the STE website over the next few weeks, starting with the winning entries.

The Joint Winners


Highly Commended

Posted 19th May 2015 by Steve Hanson on behalf of the Judging Panel