Fly on a Tuesday! – Travel tip

As a Senior Traveller you are probably retired or semi-retired and hence have a lot more freedom to decide when to book holiday flights. Prices can vary widely depending on time of year, day of week and time of day.

Fly Tuesday
Mid-week is best

As I’ve already mentioned in some of my short break posts, I always check carefully as to when is the best time to fly out from the UK, and back. Obviously avoiding school holidays can save a lot of money, but also I’ve often found that mid-week flights can often be much cheaper than weekends.

Now the consumer organisation Which? has carried out some research which confirms that mid-week flights from London are indeed the cheapest, particularly those on Tuesdays.

The research looked at over 1,000 flights from London airports to European destinations in August and found, for example, that a flight to Alicante on a Friday would cost 35% more than on Tuesday. Returning home on a Sunday was found to be the most expensive. The research also found that time of day also affected prices, but that varied according to airlines.

These results are very much in line with what I have found flying from a range of airports throughout the UK and confirm that it is well worthwhile for you to plan carefully when you you fly. Mid-week can be much cheaper and you’ll avoid the weekend crowds!