Senior rail discounts

Would you like to see the sights of Hungary – from its majestic capital Budapest on the Danube, to the holiday resorts on Lake Balaton, from the beautiful university city of Sopron in the north to the historic city of Pécs in the south?

Budapest on the Danube
Budapest on the Danube

If so, and if you would like to travel free of charge, then that’s possible on the Hungarian railways, provided you are European and over 65. I know, I’ve done it, on their very clean, smart trains. They may not be fast, but there is beautiful countryside to view.

Or you could splash out and for a small extra payment travel 1st class or on the Intercity express trains.

You will need to get your tickets in advance either from the station booking office (a few simple words of Hungarian would help outside of major cities) or you can book online, selecting ‘Reduction’ and ‘Person over 65’ at the MÁV Hungarian Railway website.

Free travel is now possible in Slovakia for EU citizens over 62. For details check the Slovakrail site.

In the USA rail travellers 62 and over are eligible to receive a 15% discount on the lowest available rail fare on most Amtrak trains.

In Canada rail travellers 60 and over can get a 10% Senior discount with VIA Rail Canada.

See also senior discounts with Eurail.