Fuel Prices Rise Across Europe – News Report

A recent survey by Post Office Travel Money has shown that both petrol and diesel prices have risen over the past year in most of the 18 European countries that were surveyed. When coupled with the decline in the exchange rate for sterling against many European currencies, it means that driving around Europe this summer could cost 10% more than last year.

Fuel Prices: Busy road near the Lisbon Aqueduct
Busy road near the Lisbon Aqueduct

However, as in the UK, prices tend to be cheaper off the main roads. During a recent European journey, I found that by refuelling just a short distance from the motorways, I was able to save about 10 cents per litre in the Netherlands and Germany and about 20 cents per litre in Austria. That’s more than enough to cover the fuel price increases since last year.

For up-to-date fuel prices for 44 countries throughout Europe (plus 8 other countries), click on Fuel Prices in Europe in my Quick Links box on the left of this webpage. As of May 11th, 2013, both petrol and diesel prices ranged from about 1 Euro a litre in many East European countries to almost 2 Euros a litre in Norway.

As outlined in my Road Travel Tips, it’s well worth checking beforehand on fuel prices, since a small alteration in your route could save you a lot of money. Currently you would pay about 20% less for unleaded petrol in Austria or Luxembourg compared with Belgium, France or Germany.

There are many other ways to save time and money when driving in Europe, as mentioned in my article Road Travel Tips. For example, to avoid the busiest traffic, keep off European roads during the July-August school holiday period, and also try to travel at weekends as many countries have lorry bans in force, particularly on Sundays.