Holiday Ideas

Now you’ve got more time for travelling, the whole world awaits you! But where to start?

Holiday Ideas - Holiday Inn Santiago, Chile

Holiday Inn Santiago, Chile

It depends of course on many factors. Are you looking for a Short Break of just a few days or a longer term Touring Holiday?

Do you want to travel locally – there is much to see and do in the British Isles – or are you thinking in terms of the European continent by road, rail or air, or a long haul flight to some distant destination – Australia, South America? Why not a Round the World trip? I’ve now made two.

If you like to stray a bit, then Off the Beaten Track may have some ideas for you. On other occasions, there may be good reasons to look at organised travel, in which case Saga Holidays is the leading UK operator for over 50s.

In visiting 71 countries around the world – as listed in Countries Visited – I’ve had a very range of holidays, both near and far and visited some weird and some wonderful places. Many of these trips have been since my retirement, with all the advantages that being a Senior can bring.

My experiences on my travels are set out under the general headings below, providing some very interesting holiday ideas. In each case I’ll bring out aspects that are particularly relevant to Seniors including any special discounts and deals.

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