Round the World in 50 Days

After 40 years or so of hard labour, retirement raises its head offering lots of travel opportunities. You’ve put off visiting Australia or New Zealand because it’s hardly worthwhile taking a two week holiday there, but now those limitations don’t apply. So go for it, and if you are planning to visit ‘down under’ why not continue all the way round the world – it won’t cost much more!

Cable car up Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro
Cable car up Sugar Loaf, Rio de Janeiro

Well that was my reasoning a few years ago and the result was Round the World in 50 Days – a really enjoyable, unforgettable journey for myself and my wife. Based on my experience, I’ll be providing travel tips for your round the world trip and you can learn from my mistakes.

This is covered in several posts, starting with:

The journey is covered in eight stages:

So keep checking with this website for these postings and if you’ve made a Round the World trip yourself, then please add your travel tips in Comments.