Make Your Pounds Go Further – Travel News

The pound may have fallen over the past twelve months against most world currencies, but in some holiday resorts you can get up to 21% more for your money this year.

This is according to a recent Post Office Travel Money Report on the value of a basket of ten typical holiday items such as a cup of coffee, a local beer, insect repellent, sun cream and an evening meal. Prices were checked at twenty popular resorts throughout the world.

Lake Eola in Orlando, USA where pounds go further
Orlando, USA – Lake Eola in the city centre

The  pound may dropped by about about 4% against both the euro and the dollar over the past year, but this has been more than offset by the fall in prices of the basket of items at eight of the resorts.

Leading the way is Orlando in the USA where amazingly you will get 21% more for your money this year, followed by the Costas in Spain where you will get about 20% more, Sharm el Sheikh in Egypt about 18% more and the Algarve in Portugal about 15% more.

At the other end of the scale, Jumeirah in Dubai would cost you 66% more and Sorrento in Italy 32% more.

Overall, taking into account these changes, the Portuguese and Spanish resorts are cheapest for this basket of items, with the Italian and Dubai resorts more than twice as expensive. The British, Cypriot and Greek resorts were in about the middle of the list.

So in these times of austerity it makes sense to choose your holiday destinations carefully and also make certain you get the best exchange rates for your pounds. See Travel Money for my top tips on currency exchange and be sure to Avoid Airport Currency Exchange.

As a Senior there is unfortunately not much scope for saving on any of the items included in the list. However, since you probably have a lot of freedom as to when to travel, you can make good savings on accommodation and travel by visiting these resorts off-season and flying mid-week. For my advice on the best times to travel, see Fly on a Tuesday!