Off the Beaten Track Writing Competition – Results

The Off the Beaten Track Writing Competition closed on September 30th, 2016. Over 300 entries were received with about a quarter of them being fictional. Most of the entries were of publishable standard and it was clear that a lot of time and thought had been put into meeting the competition criteria. Our thanks to everyone who entered.

Competition - Off the Beaten Track in South Africa
Off the Beaten Track in South Africa

The high standard of entries meant that judging was very difficult. After much consideration, the Judging Panel, chaired by our Writing Competition Editor, Anne Esser, chose two entries as Joint Winners, one factual the other fictional. Each entrant will receive half of the £100 competition prize.

Ten Runners-up will each receive a £10 subscription voucher.

In recognition of the high number of good quality entries, the Judging Panel decided that ten additional entries that were short-listed, but not finally chosen as winners or runners-up, should be listed as Highly Commended.

The winning and runner-up entries will be published on the STE website over the next few weeks.

Joint Winners


Highly Commended

  • Bray: Ireland’s Forgotten ‘Brighton’ by Eimear Dodd
  • Delicious Surprise by Mandy Huggins
  • Figeac – A Fortuitous Interlude by Amanda Lumley
  • Finding Paradise in Lake Aitlan, Guatemala by Lisa Montgomery
  • Jaffna by Clare Foxon
  • Journeying Back Into the Blue Ridge by Judy Mitchell
  • Life’s a Beach by Laura Collins
  • Nootka Island Trek by Janet Rogers
  • South of the Celtic Sea by Chelsea Steinauer-Scudder (Fictional)
  • Why Don’t More Come to Morecambe? by Helen Rhodes

Posted 27th October 2016 by Steve Hanson on behalf of Anne Esser, Chair of the Judging Panel.