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Although this site promotes independent travel for Seniors, there are many circumstances when an organised holiday might be preferable, even if being part of a group might not particularly appeal!

Beach near Punta Cana
Beach near Punta Cana, Dominican Republic

This may be where it is difficult to travel around a country on your own, or even unsafe for independent travellers. See my Safety Tips for Senior Travellers.

If you enjoy cruises, then of course you have no choice but to go on an organised holiday, although you may wish to opt for a small, more intimate cruise ship.

It may simply be that you do not wish to have the hassle of organising a holiday. Whatever the reason, it is important that you take care to select an organised holiday that meets your needs.

Saga Holidays is widely considered to be the UK’s premier travel service catering for the over 50s, with almost sixty years’ experience of providing holidays and cruises that suit the senior traveller.

Saga Holidays Reports

Our reporters have been checking out some of these holidays. Their candid reports should help you decide on which holiday is for you.

Saga Cruise: Wonders of the Canary Islands
Jewels of Croatia – Saga Dalmatian Coast Tour
Heart of the Silk Route: a Saga Tour of Uzbekistan
Moghuls and Palaces – Saga India Tour
Peru Ancient and Modern – Touring with Saga Holidays
Saga Dominican Discovery Tour
Siam Island Adventure – Saga Thailand Tour
Unveiling Burma – A Fourteen Day Tour of Myanmar
Contrasts of Central America Saga Tour: Part 1 – Panama
Contrasts of Central America Saga Tour: Part 2 – Costa Rica
Contrasts of Central America Saga Tour: Part 3 – Colombia

Saga versus Independent Travel

STE’s Web Editor, Steve Hanson, has been researching the cost of Saga holidays compared with identical independently organised travel for relatively straightforward one centre holidays. Again this should help you decide whether Saga holidays are for you.

Saga versus Independent Travel – Spanish Costa Holiday in Autumn
Saga versus Independent Travel – Sri Lanka Hotel

Our reports will certainly enlighten you and in some cases may surprise you!

You should also check out our reports on TUI Holidays. Although not specifically for senior travellers, their holidays and cruises are often comparable to those of Saga.