Seniors have holiday buying clout and are Internet-savvy

Senior citizens in the UK take more foreign holidays than any other group with 28% of the over 65s taking two or more foreign holidays a year, compared with 19% for all age groups.

This is according to a recent study I came across conducted by the escorted touring specialist Travelsphere. It shows that us senior travellers have real buying clout in the holiday market and also that we have the time and ability to use the Internet to plan our holidays.

The study showed that although between 2008 and 2010 long-haul holiday travel declined by 9% overall, there was an increase for those aged 55-64, with two-thirds of over 55s seeing holidays as a necessary spend compared with less than half of under 45s.

Silver surfers, Krka National Park, Croatia
Silver surfers, Krka Nationa Park, Croatia

Travelsphere’s most popular holiday destinations in Europe are Italy, Austria, Spain, Croatia and Turkey, and outside Europe are USA, Canada, China, India and Vietnam. Nearly all of these countries will in the near future feature in posts and pages on this SeniorTravelExpert site.

Since you are reading this post online, you won’t be surprised to learn that over 55s are very much Internet-savvy, with two-thirds booking their holidays online compared with only 57% of under 45s. Silver surfers are alive and kicking in the travel business!

With the percentage of seniors in the UK growing at a fast rate it is clear that we will continue to dominate the holiday market so let’s hope we get the recognition and service we deserve.