Top Ten Hotels

If you search on the Internet you will find very many lists of Top Hotels, each using different criteria in making choices.

Aotea Motor Lodge
Aotea Motor Lodge

For example, the National Geographic list of Top Hotels are ones that exhibit “strong local colour, authenticity, a sustainability ethic, and community involvement”. TripAdviser lists are based on their contributors’ scores and are divided according to whether they are ‘Top Hotels’, ‘Small Hotels’, ‘Bargain’ and ‘B&Bs and Inns’.

Many lists of Top Hotels are dominated by large luxurious chains, such as Four Seasons hotels, and often lists appear biased towards the USA. These are fine for multi-millionaire, jet-setting business men, but probably not for the average Senior traveller.

My list of Top Ten Favourite Hotels, which has just been posted, gives the ten hotels in which I have most enjoyed staying. Some of them are generally accepted as being top hotels, such as the Intercontinental Berchtesgaden and the Le Royal Meridien Dubai , others are quite small and unknown, such as the Ateo Motor Lodge in New Zealand. But all are ones that I have found to be Senior traveller friendly.

Of course I’ve only visited 68 countries, so my apologies to hotels in the other countries of the world that can’t of course feature in my list. But keep watching my Top Ten Favourite Hotels list for updates as I visit more countries and more hotels.