Top Ten Lists

Short lists of what to see and do when travelling are popular, as any Google search will show. If you don’t have lots of time to research the place you are going to, then such a list of “unmissables” can be very useful.  Also it is interesting to see how other people’s views of the “unmissables” fit in with your own travel highlights.

City of Cape Town, South Africa
City of Cape Town, South Africa

My Top Ten lists are very much my personal favourites, taking into account my travel interests as a Senior. Don’t expect my choice of Top Ten Cities to include those with a great nightclub scene or my choice of Top Ten Road Journeys to include dangerous roads and dirt tracks. No, my choices are ones that can be enjoyed at a more leisurely pace. Why rush when these is no need – leave that to our work-slave, younger travellers!

My Top Ten lists cover:

Other Top Ten lists will follow in the future.