Transport Tips

I’ve travelled many thousands of miles by  air, land and sea in my travels over the last 60 years or so. Often everything has gone smoothly, but sometimes problems have occurred – all part of the fun of travelling!

My tips for how to get the most out of travelling and avoid problems, along with money saving ideas, are set out in:

  • Air Travel Tips  When to travel to get the best deals and my recommended airlines.
  • Rail Travel Discounts  As Seniors you can get big discounts and can sometimes even travel free of charge.
  • Road Travel Tips  When are the best times to travel and tips on how to keep the costs down, including fuel costs. Also best car hire deals.
  • Sea Travel – Ferries  There are some Senior discounts available, but choosing the best dates and times to travel are key to getting the best deals.

With good planning and following some of my tips above, then the travelling can be an enjoyable part of your holiday, not something to be endured!

Please pass on any of your own travel tips by adding a comment in the About Us section.