Top Ten Small Islands

There is something quite magical about taking a boat (or causeway) out to an island that is small enough to be clearly defined in your view and then be able to walk around the whole island within a few hours. You feel in some ways almost in control – king or queen of the island!

Kapiti Island, New Zealand
Kapiti Island, New Zealand

That is why I’ve produced my Top Ten Small Islands list. And by small I mean very small ranging from Alcatraz Island at just 22 acres to Kapiti Island at 4,800 acres.

They are all marine islands and most are accessed by a ferry crossing, although Lindisfarne has a tidal causeway and Mont St Michel a dry causeway. Most have historical interest, such as Motyar Island with its Phoenician remains, others have interesting flora and/or fauna such as Ilnacullin.

My choices are not holiday islands suitable for families. Rather they are peaceful, even contemplative places, that appeal to me as a Senior.