Safety Tips for Senior Travellers

This website aims to promote independent travel for Seniors. However, travelling independently can sometimes be less safe than when in an organised group. But taking a few simple safeguards can help to overcome any hazards.

Safety Tips - Mind your Meds
Mind your Meds

A recent article on the website provides Seven Safety Tips for Senior Travellers.

Dori Saltzman, the author of this well-researched article (with input from Senior Travel Expert), points out that for Senior Travellers there are:

‘Physical limitations you might need to work around, as well as the fact that as an older individual you’ve suddenly become numero uno on a thief’s hit list.’

Hence the safety tips relate mainly to health issues and looking after your property.

Seven Safety Tips for Senior Travellers

The tips are given here in brief – see the article for full details.

Get Insurance – But make certain you don’t get ripped off by checking my Travel Insurance tips.

Don’t Advertise Your Absence – For example by putting up “Clean my Room” signs in hotels.

Watch What You Eat – Seniors often have more sensitive stomachs.

Safety Tips - Watch What You Eat
Watch What You Eat – Hong Kong Fish Restaurant

Mind Your Meds – Take care of your medicines and note down their names in case they are lost.

Keep the Bling to a Minimum – Don’t display expensive jewelry, watches and cameras or cash.

Keep Others in the Loop – Let others know your travel plans and carry a mobile phone.

Stay Safe on Your Feet – Wear sensible shoes, particularly when visiting sites with uneven ground.

I’ll add to that – don’t walk with your hands in your jacket pockets – as I did in Catania in Sicily; I tripped and fell flat on a pavement made of hard Etna rock!

An Extra Couple of Safety Tips Based on My Own Experiences

Carry a European Health Insurance Card – If you are an EU citizen travelling in Europe, then take a European Health Insurance Card (EHIC) with you. This can be very helpful if you require medical care. They are free of charge and can be applied for online.

Alpine Way - Snowy Mountains, Australia
Alpine Way – Snowy Mountains, Australia

Make certain you have Enough Fuel when on a Driving Holiday – Distances between fuelling stations can be massive in sparsely populated countries like Australia and New Zealand; overnighting in the bush is not a good idea for Senior Travellers.

I very nearly ran out of fuel when driving around the Alpine Way in Australia’s Snowy Mountains; no filling stations, no other cars, only kangaroos leaping out from the side of the road! I was advised in New Zealand that once a car fuel tank drops to halfway, then fill it up.

Follow these few tips and then relax and enjoy your independent travel.